Our Greece

When we visited Greece, we loved nothing more than to get up in the morning, breakfast, visit the local bakery to buy our lunch and then head off for a day of mooching through villages, the countryside and up the occasional mountain.  We invariably returned to our studio covered in dust, with scratched legs, and on one ocassion we were soaked after we were caught in a thunderstorm.  On our return, the kettle or briki would go on and we drank coffee and ate biscuits before showering and enjoying a drink on the balcony or terrace.  The day was rounded off by seeking somewhere to eat, always looking for traditional dishes to enjoy.

Generally, I took the photos while Peter recorded our walks on his camcorder.  Over the years we have amassed hundreds, probably thousands if I took the time to count them, of photographs.  These, along with the videos, enable us to reflect on the effect Greece has had on how we live our lives today.


Below are just a few photos, which illustrate what we term as 'Our Greece'.  Click on an individual cell to open a slide show, with descriptors.

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