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'This is an enchanting story.  The descriptions of sights, sounds and smells are so vivid that the reader is quickly transported to the tiny Greek island of Pserimos in the company of an unwilling voyager-a disobedient kitten. Even if you are not a 'cat person' I defy you not to enjoy this delightful mental excursion with all it's unexpected events.

If you love authentic Greek food you will love this book.  I lived in Greece many years ago, hand on heart it was the best food I have eaten in my entire life, my partner was Greek and his mother’s cooking was amazing. I didn’t even try to compete. I have tried many recipes from this book and I was amazed how they transported me back to those sunny times......

Some very good characters and a good story throughout. Short stories that link to a complete tale

A Beautiful Book.  You can almost taste the Geek Islands. Very easy to read. Thought provoking, for those that dream of leaving the rat race and doing the same.

Kindle Customer - Amazon

Kentish Maid - Amazon

Lisa Sinclair - Amazon

Patsy Norris - Direct Purchaser

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