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Timotheus Pserimos Puss

This short story is now available to purchase in both paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon.  

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Janet's chosen charity.                                                                                                                                                                      


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Here are a few extracts from Timotheus Pserimos Puss, to wet your appetite and make you want to read more about Timotheus.


'I just couldn’t resist a quick recce, could I?  Wouldn’t take long I thought, just to pop across the gangway onto the boat and if I put on one of my ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ looks, that always worked so well at the tourist tavernas; surely someone would have a tasty morsel or two they could spare out of those bursting bags.'


'As I ran I spotted a turning up to the right, surely this would take me away from all the commotion.  The turning was a broad solid path leading steeply up between whitewashed houses with blue shutters and balconies entwined with bougainvillea. '

'You’ll have to excuse me a minute while I finish retying this Oregano (ah, I thought, so these weeds must be Oregano) as you know, it’s important to get the air round the heads so they dry well, otherwise I will have nothing to sell. But go ahead Maria, there is coffee on the stove, .........'


'The sea had been perfectly calm but others who were out fishing too said, without much warning a storm blew up.  They had returned safely but Theo was much further out and they feared his boat must have capsized taking Theo with it down to the depths.'


'If it is not too hot and I have no other matters to deal with, I will accompany Evangelisa.  She really appreciates my company; saying, when I am with her she sells more than when she goes out on her own. I quite enjoy it as the ladies like to make a fuss of me and tell me how handsome I am (as if I didn’t know!).'


'This is an enchanting story.  The descriptions of sights, sounds and smells are so vivid that the reader is quickly transported to the tiny Greek island of Pserimos in the company of an unwilling voyager-a disobedient kitten. Even if you are not a 'cat person' I defy you not to enjoy this delightful mental excursion with all it's unexpected events.'    Patsy Norris


'What a delightful tale. If you are fond of cats and like Greek islands then this is a story for you. A truly worthwhile read.' Sue Shelley


'A lovely read for any cat lover.' Carol Needham

Note from the Author:

We have visited a number of Greek Islands but a trip to Pserimos, gave me an insight into life on an very small island.  Here, its residents would struggle to survive without visits from summer tour boats.  The island has a charm of its own and walking away from the only conurbation, a coastal village, gave me an appreciation of the terrain, flora and fauna.  The island was the perfect location for my tale of a life for a particular cat, Timotheus.  Probably more fortunate than many Greek cats but then he is rather special!