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Excerpts from 'On the Verge'


'July saw the daytime temperatures rise well above 30°C and the early mornings and nights were no longer cool.  I stopped shutting both windows and shutters when I went out; instead I pulled the curtains and fastened the shutters in the hope that any breeze would blow through into the rooms.  I spent more and more time outside in shady areas of the garden and bought a barbeque to cook on.  Grilled meats, with salads from the garden, were regulars on my weekly menu.  If I went to the beach I generally went down late afternoon, after my siesta and did not return until early evening.  Walking back up the hill, I stopped in the old village to buy a refreshing drink to sip whilst sat under spreading branches of the plane tree.  Perspiration poured off me when I did the housework and tended the garden and my whole daily routine shifted.'






'My first reaction was to tear the letter up and pretend I had never received it but that was not the way to handle it.  I went inside, made a mug of tea, returning to the veranda with a notepad and pen to compose my reply.  This was to be the first draft which I would hone up and then ask Harry to post it on his return to the UK.  I did not want Jane Wilkins to know I was currently on Aspros.  I tried to be compassionate but at the same time I needed to be firm........'






'I had already been primed by Bill that even if there were no cars out on rental that the answer to these types was ‘No, all our cars are booked.’  I put the sponge back in the bucket.  

    “I’ll just check for you.” I replied.  “Did you have any particular days in mind?”

    “Nope”, said Ray “We just wanna get away from this place, nothing’s going on.”

Well, I thought to myself, if you had done your homework first you would have realised this resort is for couples and young families and you should have gone to a livelier island.  They followed me into the office.  Ray slumped in one of the chairs with his leg over one arm, while his mate perched on the corner of my desk.  Ray’s mate leaned over towards me breathing beer in my face, the smell of this mixed with suntan lotion was almost nauseating.  

   “I am sorry, but you are blocking the light from the screen.  Would you sit in the chair next to Ray, please.”  

Ray laughed, “She don’t fancy you Dan.  She don’t know a good man that’s the trouble Ray.  What’s your name doll and what time do you finish?  We can wait for you over the road and go out as a threesome.  You know what I mean?” he leered at me.'


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