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Janet's Chosen Charities

After deciding to have my books published the question arose, ‘What shall I do with the profits from sales?’   The decision was easy really – donate it to charity.   The next question was, ‘Which charity?’  Now this took a bit more contemplation and consideration, after all there are so many deserving charities, all of which are grateful of donations; however small.  I finally came down to two and unable to decide which one, I have opted to do a simple 50/50 split between them.  


Having a history of cancer in my family; I have chosen Cancer Research UK as one my two preferred charities.  The cancers have been varied; prostrate, bone, breast, bowel and most recently I had a kidney tumour in 2014.  My great grandmother, great grandfather, my mother and I, have all had bowel cancer.  With certain bowel cancers being hereditary, I am keen to see continuing research so that maybe some time in the future it will be possible to eliminate this cancer completely.  Until it is, our sons are aware they must be observant, listen to their bodies and seek medical advice if in doubt.  We don’t really know what is going on inside our bodies, until symptoms present themselves and I would like to think that through the sale of my books I can in some small way help towards finding a cure not just for bowel cancer but for cancers as a whole.

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1089464), Scotland (SC041666) and the Isle of Man (1103)


The second charity I have chosen is the British Heart Foundation.  Again there is a family reason for my choice; this time on my husband Peter’s side.  Peter’s niece, Julia, was born with a heart condition.  She went through operations during her childhood but was never allowed to run and play sports with her peers.  Julia married but unfortunately she suffered further problems that resulted in another operation.  Sadly she did not recover from this.  A loss of life at any age is heartbreaking but it was doubly so, as Julia was only in her early twenties when she died.  Peter’s Dad devoted his life to nursing, specialising for some years in the psychiatric field of his profession.   When he retired he planned a move to a bungalow with a plot of land where he could grow fruit and vegetables and have chickens.  This was not to be, before he realised his dream he had a cardiac arrest and despite the efforts of medical staff, he died.   Heart disease, attacks and failure are the biggest killers in the UK.  Supporting the British Heart Foundation, in their quest for new and improved treatments as well as a reduction in the number of deaths through education, from the sale of my books, will I hope go towards achieving this.

The British Heart Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (225971) and in Scotland (SC039426)

Janet Ellis

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